Continuous enrollment for Alabama Medicaid recipients will end March 31, 2023!


Step 1: Update Your Address

  • Renew your Medicaid every year. Stay up to date about changes that can affect your benefits. Update your mailing address and other personal information with the Alabama Medicaid Agency as soon as possible to get notified.


Step 2: Check Your Mail

Starting April 1, 2023

  • Medicaid will mail you a letter to let you know it's your time to renew.
  • You must fill out and return your form to Medicaid.
  • Medicaid coverage will stop if you are not eligible or don't respond.
  • Medicaid will mail you a letter letting you know if your benefits change.


Step 3: Complete the Renewal Form

  • If you were not automatically renewed, you will receive a renewal form in the mail. Fill it out and return it to Alabama Medicaid right away so you are not at risk for losing coverage if eligible.


How can recipients stay up to date about the ending of the continuous enrollment requirement?

  • Update their mailing address and email address with Alabama Medicaid
  • Sign up to receive text notifications from Alabama Medicaid
  • Visit the official Medicaid website
  • Follow Alabama Medicaid Agency on Facebook
  • Watch for and respond to notices received in the mail


What can recipients do to keep their Medicaid benefits?

  • Get Ready: Update your contact information including your mailing address, phone number, and email at or call the AL Medicaid Recipient Call Center at 1-800-362-1504
  • Check Your Mail: Return all requests for information if you get a letter from Medicaid
  • Renew: Report all changes in your household to Medicaid. This includes if someone becomes pregnant, someone moves in or out of your home, your income changes, or anything else that may affect your benefits.
  • Text Messages: Don’t miss out on text notifications with important changes to your benefits.
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