Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Medicine focuses on the care of patients in the adolescent period of development. This period begins at puberty and extends until age 24. Our Adolescent Medicine providers see patients for sick and well visits. In addition to these visits, our Adolescent Medicine Providers treat eating disorders, mood changes, depression, anxiety, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders), ADHD (Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorders), and questions related to sexual identity and reproductive health. Seeing an Adolescent Medicine Provider is a great way for patients to transition from childhood, where parents control the child’s healthcare, to adulthood, where the patient manages their own health and well-being. Appropriate healthcare during adolescent years sets the foundation for a healthy adult. Our Adolescent Medicine Providers understand and are here to help.

 2021 – 2022 DAC YAC Advisory Council


Picture of Abigail

Abigail Tanner

Picture of Camille

Camille Reeves

Picture of Hannah

Hanna Jacobs

Picture of Katie

Katie Brown

Picture of Lani

Lani Shiver

Picture of Lauren

Lauren Gil

Picture of Lilli

Lilli Woods

Picture of Margaret

Margaret Martin

Picture of Nadia

Nadia Batts

Picture of Olivia

Olivia Crump

Picture of Presley

Presley Parrish

Picture of Thomas

Thomas Mayhall

Picture of Vivian

Vivian Crump


 The PAC (Professional Advisory Committee)


Dr. Edwards

Dr. Edwards

Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown

Dr. Lozano

Dr. Lozano

Shannon Heath

Shannon Heath

Debbie Yurevich

Debbie Yurevich

Anna Dailey

Anna Dailey

DAC YAC Application 2021-2022 
DAC YAC (Dothan Adolescent Clinic Youth Advisory Council) is a group of Wiregrass youth ages 15-24. Our goal is to empower youth in healthcare settings by integrating diverse youth voices and values into programs, projects, and resources.
  • Our meetings for the upcoming year will take place the second Tuesday of each month at 6p.m. from September 2021 - May 2022. The meeting will be held at Dothan Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic, 5565 Montgomery Highway, Dothan, Alabama 36303.
  • Application is due midnight on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.
  • Please complete the online application below or click here to download the application.

Select applicants will be invited to an interview on Tuesday, September 7 at 6p.m. 

If you have any questions, please email or call Shannon Heath at or  334.793.1881 ext. 2280. Thanks for your Interest.